Message From Principal


Mrs. Rama Asnani


St. Austins School, Jodhpur has seen an exciting and challenging period of growth and development. The faith and confidence vested in this institution by our parent community continues to inspire and motivate us to reach high standards of excellence in educating our students.

It is with an immense sense of satisfaction and pride, that I take the pleasure of announcing, the successful completion of 34 years. It also gives me pride to inform that our school has been awarded with certificates and Shield by the district administration for the best result (Quantitative & Qualitative) in secondary and senior secondary examination 2013 in the whole Jodhpur district which is a matter of pride for the school.

We strive to provide a warm, caring and supportive environment where every student is given the attention necessary to achieve his or her individual success at school. Equally important to us is to inculcate in our students a strong value system and social awareness which are essential for their success in life.


Mrs. Anju Purohit

H.M (Primary School)

"The soul of peace is love that comes from the love of god and expresses itself in love for all people"

Aristotle said, "Knowledge without ethics is not so much bad ethics as imperfect knowledge". Certainly, academic education alone will not suffice. Unless academic education is complemented by an education in the values that form the very basis of human life, progress and civilization. All we want is that the foundation of human life should survive in adverse circumstances, which is only possible if we nurture and inculcate love along with the values of trust, sacrifice and many other constructive qualities in ourselves. We aim to build the foundation of our Austin's family on love & knowledge, so that we may not deter from the right path. It is our belief that a strong partnership between our parents and the school is necessary in ensuring the students' success. Feel free to come by for a visit to meet our teachers or Principal to discuss the child's progress. Our motive is to build an institution strong in LOVE and full of VALUES. For I belive, "Spritual intensification gives birth to precision in education".  

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