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At St. Austin Senior Secondary School today, Dr. Lalit K. Panwar Sahib, former IAS, currently Vice Chancellor in Vivekananda Global University, Vice Chancellor at ILD University Rajasthan, former Chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission was invited to interact with the teachers in the school for their all-round development. In his address, Shri Panwar said that the society cannot be imagined without a teacher, he has also become an IAS and whatever position he holds now, it is all due to teachers, I bow to all teachers and guru mothers. All the professions in the society, whether it is a doctor, lawyer, engineer or politician, it is all the gift of teachers. There have been many challenges for teachers after Covid, but we should all be thankful to God that we now have to complete our teaching work with new zeal and enthusiasm. Dr Panwar fulfilled the curiosity of the teachers by answering all the questions asked by them. And said that even without scolding, reprimanding the students, they have to reach their goal, it is not impossible, just effort is needed. In his address, he praised all the teachers, that all the teachers of the school are knowledgeable about information technology and can do their work easily through technology.In the end, the director of the school Madam Bina Kachhwaha and Mr. Bhupesh Kachhwaha honoured Shri Panwar Sahib with a memento and the principal of the school Rama Asani proposed a vote of thanks.






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