Vagitus To Death Rattle

Dated on Jan. 07, 2021

After labor it enters the world as a gentle cookie,
Being pacified by colostrum and a nookie.

Begins to travel in everyone's hands,
Giggles by expressions and cries by hangs.

Given many presents and some names,
Yajnas were performed for fortune and fame.

Adolescence comes unannounced with time,
Trespassers knock the door time to time.

Weight of books and challenges are gained,
If not being attentive then all will drain.

Then hits the trending facts of marriage,
When did parents hold to call carriage?

Having gotten married some years,
Forgot themselves as it is in swinging.

With memories in heart and experience within,
Stepped in old age as fam's linchpin.

Anecdotes' narration becomes a habit now,
Listeners are grandkids who exclaim 'WOW.'

Wax of the candles is on verge of melting,
kicking the buckets is the only end thing.

Nitin Soni

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